This site defines the wants from the goodness

This site defines the wants from the goodness


The majority of these, but come merely into the ancient genealogies with no associated facts. The most significant of this love-myths got the account of his event making use of goddess Aphrodite. The two were typically illustrated together in old art–to these a degree that she could properly be described as his consort.


APHRODITE The goddess of appreciate and beauty have a long romance with Ares which lasted through the duration of their wedding to Hephaistos and past. She bore your four divine sons and a daughter: Eros, Anteros, Deimos, Phobos and Harmonia.

EOS The goddess of the start with who Ares have a quick romance. She is cursed with a rampant sexuality because of the envious Aphrodite. No offspring include pointed out of the set.

ERINYS TELPHOUSIA each one for the Erinyes and/or goddess Demeter (who had been titled the Erinys of Thelpousa). She bore Ares the Drakon of Thebes. From the planting of this Drakon’s teeth were produced a tribe of warrior-men known as the Spartoi.

PERSEPHONE The gods Ares, Hermes, Apollon and Hephaistos all wooed Persephone before her matrimony to Haides. Demeter rejected almost all their gift ideas and hid this lady daughter off the organization with the gods.


HARMONIA A nymph of Assyria (Asia mild) who was lured by Ares within the Akmonian Wood. She bore your one of Amazones tribe.

HARPINNA A Naiad-nymph of Pisa, Elis (south Greece) appreciated by Ares, and relating to some the caretaker of Oinomaos. [see family members]

KYRENE (Cyrene) A nymph of Bistonia in Thrake (north of Greece) adored by Ares. She bore your a son Diomedes. Kyrene has become the identical to Pyrene the caretaker of Kyknos. [see parents]

STEROPE A Pleiad-nymph of Elis (south Greece), treasured by Ares. She bore your several sons Oinomaos and Euenos (though the second is generally also known as a son of Ares by Demonike). [see parents]

TANAGRA A Naiad-nymph of Argos (isouthern Greece) who the gods Ares and Hermes competed more than in a boxing complement. Hermes won the contest and place together with her.

TRITEIA A sea-nymph of Triteia in Akhaia (southern Greece) appreciated by Ares who bore your a boy Melanippos. [see group]


ALTHAIA (Althaea) a queen of Aitolia (central Greece), spouse of King Oineus, treasured by Ares. Based on some she bore him a son Meleagros. [see parents]

ATALANTA A princess and huntress from Arkadia (southern Greece) cherished by Ares. Relating to some she bore your a son Parthenopaios. [see group]

DEMONIKE (Demonice) A princess of Aitolia (central Greece) liked by Ares. She bore your four sons Euenos, Molos, Pylos and Thestios.

DOTIS A woman of Phlegyantis in Boiotia (central Greece), who according to some was the mothero f Phlegays by Ares. [see family members]

ILIA A princess of Latium (central Italy) and Vestal Virgin. She had been seduced by Ares (Mars) in her rest and bore him dual sons Romulus and Remus.

KHRYSE (Chyrse) a female associated with city of Almones in Boiotia (central Greece) who had been enjoyed by Ares. Per some she bore your a son Phlegyas. [see family members]

OTRERE (Otrera) a queen associated with the Amazones (Asia mild) cherished by Ares. She bore him a dazon Queens Hippolyte, Antiope, and Penthesileia. [see families]

PELOPIA a lady of Thessalia or Makedonia (north Greece) enjoyed by Ares. According to some she bore him a son Kyknos. [see group]

PYRENE a lady of Makedonia (northernGreece) treasured by Ares. According to some she bore your a son Kyknos. She is most likely the same as Kyrene, mom of Diomedes. [see group]

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