These questions can help you narrow down your options when it comes to choosing what to during your school gap

These questions can help you narrow down your options when it comes to choosing what to during your school gap


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Volunteering is a popular option for many students interested in a gap year. Students can travel around the world or anywhere in the United States to volunteer for their gap year. Students can work with animals, in orphanages, building homes or schools, offering health aid, and strengthening communities as part of their volunteer gap year. There are many recognized volunteer gap year programs that could be the perfect fit for your needs. Some of the top gap year volunteer programs include:

ImpacTrip will allow you to have a global experience and help with all kinds of service efforts, from marine conservation to food rescue. These volunteer gap year programs have a cost attached, and you can expect to pay a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars for this volunteer program.

SCA and AmeriCorps have partnered to help high school graduates get volunteer options for their gap year. AmeriCorps does all kinds of volunteer service around the United States in many capacities, from office work at a nonprofit to manual work strengthening communities. There is usually no fee associated with signing up for this program, and students may actually be able to get education credits as part of their volunteer work.

United Planet allows students to go on a global adventure and volunteer in nonprofit organizations there. They are able to help impact communities, save wildlife, and make changes during their gap year. Students will have to pay a few thousand dollars for travel and accommodations during this program.

There are hundreds of other volunteer gap year programs you can research and pursue as you make plans for your gap year.


Teaching in a different state or a foreign country is a popular option for many gap year students. They are able to find English teaching opportunities and spend time abroad while working. Some popular gap year teaching opportunities include:

English First helps students get prepared to teaching English in a global setting and then provides unique opportunities for working and living as part of your gap year. Students have the opportunity to live in a unique country and have cultural experiences while teaching English. Students have to pay their travel and living expenses, but some expenses are covered as part of their teaching salary.

ILP offers students a global English teaching experience for their gap. They are able to take weekend trips and go on great adventures while immersing themselves in culture. Housing and food costs are covered, but students will need to arrange their travel and have spending money for this gap year program.

There are many other teaching programs you can research to get an opportunity to travel while doing good and helping others during your gap year.


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Some students find they want to focus on career opportunities during their gap year. They are able to afford traveling more easily when they have a job that they can depend on as part of their gap year. Students are able to immerse in a new culture or city while also focusing on their career or earning money, and spend their money experiencing the places around them. Some work options include:

Becoming an au pair is one of the most popular gap year working options for students. Au pairs are caregivers for children or elderly people who often live in their host family’s home and offer their services in exchange for food and board, and sometimes an additional salary. Au pairs may travel around the country or the world to live and immerse themselves in a new place. Au pairs often don’t have to pay for any of their travel or accommodations, and are given pay in exchange for their work so they can explore and have adventures in their new home.

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