People chatrooms for Yahoo Messenger to get Discontinued on Dec 14

People chatrooms for Yahoo Messenger to get Discontinued on Dec 14

When had been the final opportunity your joined into a Public speak place from Yahoo Messenger, you may not be able to following December 14 in 2010 as Yahoo decided to discontinue general public boards as well as other characteristics for its Messenger item. Various other services to get rid of for Yahoo Messenger is Pingbox, interoperability with screens Live Messenger and Yahoo Voice Phone In and mobile Out element.


the detrimental to yahoo……MSN did same & they have been no where in e thing may happen with yehoo….so consider onto it yahooo.

Yahoo Discontinues general public boards, Pingbox also treatments for Messenger looks like Yahoo got inspired from Bing decided to stop some attributes from the yahoo Messenger items

dont try this in preference of thousands of ur users its a wrong if u clsoe hw those pplzx get in linked whom thy r linked frm ur yahoo messenger site and I also dotn believe there is certainly any cause to close off they thanks

As long as they threaten to get rid of the ONE feature that folks in fact incorporate, then they’ll feeling loved whenever those individuals scream away SAVE simple YAHOO!

precisely why the hell these are generally closing forums . it’s still popular and there is no substitute for this. I am going to overlook public forums.

That’s not a substitute for CAM. Which is an alternate IM clients, and Yahoo is nevertheless browsing exist. Just not the talk solution.

Their about fifteen years I’m making use of yahoo messenger just for community places! it will probably terribly bearing me alongside yahoo users.

Ahh comeoooon. What makes yahoo messing up her messenger? I personally use yahoo messenger for ages and that I need messenger contacts….goddamn….slowly every good item online will get screwed up.

We can talk only with friendlist associates, or can talk to some whose yahoo id we understand, we’re going to unable to talk with strangers nowadays, most sad we consent sunil there’s no alternative to this

correct. yahoo general public chatrooms is a wonderful destination to meet folks. the most sad they are closing they lower. 🙁

iam speculating they closing it down reason for the insane junk e-mail bots it much more bots on there after that people, I am going to miss out the boards they existed for quite some time, it is skipped

I’ll believe it…when I see it. The straightforward truth is that the is like the Hostess discourage. Individuals weren’t considering Hostess until individuals stated it actually was going away. That sunday folks invested a small fortune on Twinkies after your throughout the shelf STILL had not gone terrible. Just like how no-one was actually referring to Hostess, individuals aren’t contemplating Yahoo! as search engines when comparing to other companies plus they simply want some attention. Bleh. Whenever it happens, when it takes place…you’ll become sad you are going to possibly even must change the way you communicate with, encounter and go out with people for around 1 day…until somebody comes along plus in the temperature associated with freshly created fascination with Yahoo! a€?savesa€? the marketshare and reinvents the rooms. Like i did not go stand in range for a bunch of Ding-Dongs, Ho hos and Twinkies…I’m maybe not providing inside buzz of Yahoo! The funny thing is if I-go on room and all these include talking about was how places will likely be disappearing how much does silver singles cost, i may merely stop probably them all along regarding avoid any serious (cough) impact to my entire life (sound). Seriously Yahoo! should you desired to get some good interest you need to give away some Hostess desserts? Which may bring delivered pleasure to people…now you are simply a huge outdated cry kids in my attention and possibly at the conclusion of the day…i will not skip you. Thanks for making it simpler.

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