My hosts will be caught and my secrets to my personal farm I just cooked cookies Mr

My hosts will be caught and my secrets to my personal farm I just cooked cookies Mr

For individuals who merely understood how much cash I hated you, For each and every-motherfuckin’-situation you actually ever put all of us due to, Then i would not be standin’ right here cryin’over your boo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-hoo

Mary-Kate and you may Ashley was previously therefore nutritionally beneficial Today these include taking old, they truly are just starting to expand bottom bums I-go toward video and take a seat using my pop corn Cops stating “freeze” Carrying out carrying out undertaking Exactly what do your indicate frost? Geez, I just got my seat You will find ticket, research, I store my zipper zipped Please omgchat dating don�t lose myself using this theater excite I didn’t even get to get a hold of Mary-Kate bath world I did not indicate is down and dirty or build good huge scene Plus don’t beat me such as I’m pee early herman, so it videos PG Mr. Manager, I request to see my attorneys I could only plead simple, cop an excellent plea and get 100 % free Totally free, yes, totally free, right back into the avenue Everything you suggest my lawyer’s having Michael, he’s also active? I am Victory, Britney Spears enjoys shoulders eg men And i can say that and you’ll laugh cuz which is an effective puppet back at my hand

Just how she actions she dances such a spin-come in that video she sings get-out their bozo We you need another type of sweetheart, hey my name is JoJo Cops claiming “freeze” Starting, carrying out, starting Precisely what do your imply frost? Manager, looky, need good whiff of them Right here, I generate Goodness liquid, capture a drink associated with the Nobody is safe from me personally, zero not even me personally I really don’t have any idea basically is state the word pee pee, pee To your broadcast, however, I believe I did so Janet, is that a breast, I do believe I simply saw a tit Psych, We joke, We joke, We kidd, We kidd I don’t think my personal joke are operating, I want to flee small Get right to the helicopter, everybody else get-out I am not Achievements, I’m Arnold, break-in

So Gwen Stefani, do you pee-pee to the me please? I ain’t never seen a butt like that Cuz the way in which your circulate it, you make my personal pee pee wade Performing, carrying out, doing

Hilary Duff is not somewhat of sufficient age and so i is not never viewed a butt that way Perhaps next year I am going to say butt and you may she’s going to generate my personal pee-pee go Performing, creating, performing

[Chorus] You never know how unwell you make myself, You make myself fuckin’ unwell to my tummy, Everytime I believe of you I [puke]. You need to not see, uo-uo-uo-uo-uo-uoh, You may not consider you will do however you perform, Anytime In my opinion people I [puke].

[Verse 1] I found myself planning take the time to sit back and write you a tiny poem, However, off the dome would are more, More desirable for it type of song, woah. I’d a million reasons from the greatest from my personal direct that we can contemplate, Sixteen pubs, so it is not sufficient to put particular ink so you can, So bang they, I’ma initiate right here, I shall just be briefer, ’bout to rattle regarding various other causes. I understood I should not wade while having other tat, People back at my sleeve, exactly what carry out I go and create? I-go while having a different one, today I had a couple, oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. Now i’m sittin’ right here, together with your label on my surface, I’m shocked that I went and did so it stupid shit once again, My second wife, today the girl name’s gotta getting Kim, shi-i-i-i-i-i-it.

Hilary Duff is not a bit old enough and so i ain’t never ever seen a butt in that way Maybe next year I am going to say ass and she will create my pee-pee go Performing, performing, doing

[Chorus] You never know the way unwell you create me personally, You make myself fuckin’ unwell back at my tummy, Everytime In my opinion of you I [puke]. You need to simply not discover, uo-uo-uo-uo-uo-uoh, You may not imagine you are doing however you create, Anytime I think people I [puke].

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