I. produces away from audio and you will films, you’ll consider he’d at least invest in a good ghostwriter to own their sidekick

I. produces away from audio and you will films, you’ll consider he’d at least invest in a good ghostwriter to own their sidekick

sixteen. “Hood letter***an off Bankhead, We sit of the Grandma Nana We lay by my banana, dumpin’ and you can punkin’ monkeys.” Younger Dro, “Shoulder Slim” Aided by the currency T.

I had 40-eight, and therefore imply a whole lot of cream Split this new profit by four, subtract it of the seven I returning to sixteen

fifteen. “When taking a drink you buzz eg good hornet Billy Shakespeare typed very much sonnets.” LFO, “June Lady” Reduce them a rest. This business graduated in the esteemed Vanilla extract Ice Institute out of Cool-Move and decided to try their give randomly word relationship.

fourteen. “A little while y’all get crimey crimey, grimy grimy However, people who have a little hiney they score whiny whiny.” Cam’Ron, “5 Boroughs” Album: The Corruptor Soundtrack Some one need to have advised Talk that this choppy planetromeo mobile site choppy rhyme issue is actually stupid dumb.

thirteen. “I’m starving having parmesan cheese such as Starving, Eager Hippo.” Investment Tap (“Ballers”) Album: Ghetty Environmentally friendly Even more circumstances to own giving us among bad music actually ever that you can buy.

twelve. “Or even bring back my yards****f*****n currency or my yards***f****n dope, no more on Xmas n***an effective, cause you isn’t gon even see This new Decades.” Grasp P (“Have you any idea”) Inside Master P’s market, New-year appear right before Christmas.

eleven. “It is such percentage, fie, foe, fum, We smell the fresh new blood from an envious an excellent*s punk.” Prodigy (“Mouse click Clack”) Album: Blood money Don’t determined by the hardcore hip-start, Prodigy converts to help you nursery rhymes for many similarly uninspiring lyrics.

10. “Basic household members have a tendency to slowly elevator you to good*s right up such as for example the law of gravity.” Lil’ Fame (out of Yards.O.P.) (“Half-and-half”) Sire Isaac Newton should be submiting his grave immediately.

9. “I favor the way ya butt relocate to the brand new defeat Your a nut, which is somethin’ you’ll be.” J-Kwon (“Amuse A good**”) Album: Hood Rise You will find, infants, which is one more reason why you ought to remain in college. 8. “D. the b**ch, I’m able to choose for some circumstances. Help Parlae strike, along with her we love dual systems.” Pimpin (“Dirty as the She Wish to Become”) Album: At the top of Our very own Online game A defectively humorless and you may bland laugh. Enough told you. 7. “Everyone loves her or him black, white, Puerto Rican, or Haitian Such Japanese, Chinese, or even Asian.” Chingy (“Balla Baby”) Album: Powerballin’ As far as Chingy’s worried, Western is a nationality damnit.

6. “I’ll split they down for your requirements now, kid it�s easy For those who feel a beneficial nympho, I am going to be good nympho.” fifty Cent (“Chocolate Store”) Album: The newest Massacre Better, exactly what do you would expect out-of an artist whose phase nickname in the itself comprises an effective grammatical issue?

5. “Thirty-a few g intense, chop it in two, score sixteen, twice they moments about three. ” Foxy Brownish (“Affirmative action”) Album: It actually was Composed That it holds the nation checklist to own terrible mathematics into a track.

step 3. “Young, black, and famous, which have money hanging around the new anus.” Mase (“Can’t Not one person Hold Me personally Down”) Album: No way Aside Now, that’s the sorts of money I definitely would not have to reach in advance of breakfast.

2. “I view my personal back when I’m walkin, We watch my personal mouth when I’m talking. My glock cocked when I’m running.” Mike Jones (“Scandalous H**s”) Album: That is MIke Jones? What’s next? We check out my personal ears whenever I’m reading, I see my personal sight whenever I’m viewing?


step one. “Now you know that I am this new King regarding Miami. All that loud talkin, lyin, conserve one sh*t for your mammy. Sounds like “blah, blah blah, blah bla blah-blah,” I’m for example uh-huh (uh-huh) okay (okay), Whassup (whassup) Shut-up!” Trina (“Here We Wade”) Album: Glamorest Lifestyle Real words.

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