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GSN is the prominent public circle in Greec age inside the few consumers it acts

GSN is the prominent public circle in Greec age inside the few consumers it acts

System Equipment

Specifically, it interconnects in addition to connects on the web a lot more than https://datingperfect.net/dating-sites/feabie-reviews-comparison/ education, a residential area of just one. college students and coaches. GSN is applicable contemporary web systems and is also among the first five class channels worldwide that adopted IPv6 process.

GSN has 118 nodes in every nation capitals plus the biggest Greek towns and cities. The quantity of nodes is expected to attain 120 because of the integration of this interconnection of GSN using city Optical Fiber N etworks of Municipalities. The technical professionals of CTI that will be responsible for the proper performance from the central source circle manages above 200 community products every day. The common network website traffic of GSN on Internet is more than 9 Gbps daily.

Recently, GSN upgraded the network infrastructures on the class involved of Grava (the larg est in Greece), utilizing the modern optical and wireless systems to provide above 3.500 people.

Important information middle Products

The computing system of GSN was electronic qually str onger. Through this structure, GSN produces the providers to more than users (schools, administrative models, instructors, pupils, etc.)

The main facts heart of GSN is found in Athens. Three various other (of smaller capacity) facts locations can be found in Thessaloniki (one) as well as in Patras (two).

The technical professionals of CTI this is certainly responsible for the uninterruptible process of information locations controls every day a lot more than 100 hosts and community products.

Broadband Relationship

Throughout public schools and administrative devices, a totally free broadband link is provided. The bond expenses of general public studies units with GSN and websites burdens their state Budget. The models overseas you should never see this particular service. The connection systems put tend to be VDSL (mostly), optical fabric and selected contours (seldom). Broadband in GSN try 99.9percent and analytically:

The main aim of GSN for the next 5 years could be the further improve in the medium speeds connections, ie. to 20Mbps for rates with a minimum of 50Mbps (VDSL innovation) and additional school contacts with optical materials being meet up with the expanding requirements of school s.


The por tal of GSN functions as an informative aim for measures related to education and as a main point of entry to GSN providers. The primary popular features of the portal tend to be:

  • News, notices, and activities about the instructional community
  • Training and manuals for treatments given by the GSNP
  • Private internet sites of the people in GSN also educational website
  • Use of the private admin screen each member of GSN
  • Relationship with various other services of GSN

Middle individual authentication service

The main consumer Authenticati on Service ( ) provides accessibility a part of GSN from just one point (Single sign up) in every integrated solutions of GSN and in authorized providers of the Ministry and other educational lovers without t he need for re-accreditation in the individual in every one of them.


Here is the most widely used solution of GSN and aims to the control of customers’ e-mails i.e. education, educators, management devices, administrators and studentsmunication are secure and a series of latest qualities are given such as viruses and junk e-mail security etc.

Mailing Lists

The e-mail list servic age is designed for the simple managing of emails and documentation to many users. This service try popular by Ministry and its regional frameworks when it comes to maneuvering of official correspondence at institutes.


The Web h osting service gives institutes, management products, and instructors the ability to create and simply maintain their website.

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