Girl Whatever challenge waits outside these gates we are safe inside this quarters of light We comprise our personal storyline

Girl Whatever <a href="">applications de rencontre pour les étudiants</a> challenge waits outside these gates we are safe inside this quarters of light We comprise our personal storyline

This wonders shortly will diminish indeed We’ll have to function my love in order to keep the fire from fun bring whenever we fail Next these wall space will drop out and in addition we’ll fin we are for the domain

THE TRULY AMAZING PAGODA OF FUNN “the truly amazing Pagoda of Funn,” a honestly nostalgic ballad about two devotee just who you will need to shut-out the harsh industry.

The performers are bright tonight The air are sweet Though summer time’s more than now There’s a strange audio in the pub

Round the location They look and smile like they live their resides simply to maintain hawaii we are in but once we battle subsequently those starving wolves close-in we are one thoughtless phrase out

From poison skies And severed minds And discomfort and sits very heed me we’ll keep you tight and now we’ll create a lifestyle together inside fantastic pagoda of funn

Of psycho-moms And passing away stars And filthy bombs Please stick to me personally And hold me personally tight indeed we’ll build a world together inside the great pagoda of funn

PROTECTION JOAN “protection Joan,” a comical, up-tempo blues amounts about a man which falls for an airport security protect, nonetheless have terrorism as the plot-premise.

Well, i assume I needed magic basically was actually going to render my airline I’d to make it to gate C13 also it was still way out of sight

Really, female you won’t discover my name on the checklist Honey, you are sure that I is not no terrorist Confiscate my boots, my personal cellphone you realize Everyone loves, like, love your protection Joan, hey, now

Anything during my carry-on case Tipped off the x-ray equipment ‘Cause after that an angel straight from eden requested me to “step about that monitor” so when we considered the rod brush over me you realize I never considered very thoroughly clean

Well, girl you’ll not come across my term on the record Honey you are sure that we isn’t no terrorist Confiscate my personal sneakers, my personal mobile phone You know I love, like, like your Security Joan

I strung away in the Starbucks ‘Starbucks’ are a cycle of coffees shoppes. ‘Til merely around boarding time however strolled on returning to the checkpoint only one thing back at my attention

She flashed that jagged smile and stated “Well, I do believe you overlooked your airline” we mentioned, “there has been a minor changes of program And I’ll getting stayin’ for just one most evening” i possibly could inform through the way she considered me personally anything had been going to be-all right

Well, female you may not look for my personal identity on your own record Honey, you know I isn’t no terrorist Confiscate my personal shoes, my cellular phone you understand i really like, like, love you Security Joan, google search myself now

THE NIGHT IS ASSIGNED TO MONA “The Night Belongs to Mona” is all about a suicidal girl, dancing in her high-rise late into the evening, nervous going out in the afternoon.

Mona’s being a kid of night When she fades its only for blank requirements She claims she actually is have it to right here with light Even though the area rests that is whenever she will come lively

Yes, the night time belongs to Mona whenever she is dancing all alone Forty floors above the area CD spinnin’, AC hummin’, feelin’ very ‘AC’ was an ac.

Occasionally she’s going to contact at some unholy time She desires talk All of this grim and funny material subsequently she will run all quiet inside her Chelsea tower Chelsea Tower try a 820 foot skyscraper located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, joined Arab Emirates. The 49 facts building try filled by a hotel and residential flats. When finished in 2005, Chelsea Tower was the fifth-tallest building in the city. And that is as soon as we wait To see how the tale stops

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