But hold off, it gets far worse ( oh, cm on admit they, you love this !

But hold off, it gets far worse ( oh, cm on admit they, you love this !

Nevertheless Here .

This has been a very long time since my latest blog post, anytime anybody still is reading this article blogs, i recently wish to let you know we are live and better in Eugene Oregon. The festival decided not to do to fantastic economically though we generated most associations which will ideally getting panning out into good potential for people in the future. Such as a possible creation felting gig for a shoemaker.

Thanks for all your has for computer system repairs. Our pc is fixed and also at a pc shop in medford Oregon in which it is going to stay until we have 230 money to have it back. The issue is that a lot of of funds we’d been producing ended up being from etsy and various other online sale, which we clearly wanted a pc to handle. It’s a revolving doorway horror situation, but we’re undertaking the far better continue to be posotive and keep all of our options open.

Today we’re in beautiful Eugene Oregon sticking with buddies on different bits of secure and trying to work through our everyday life and funds. Our mail service and websites has become turned-off for falure to pay . For the time being to transmit a message you should use,

I’ve a lot of great pictures, reports and views to express, but i shall have to let it rest during that for now, as my library computer energy try running-out and that I must go.


Since we are no further sure to this place for reproductive or legal explanations ( at the very least for now in any event) we are again absolve to take a trip. Sadly, some things have altered since before I found myself expecting and these variations provide more than a few harder, though not insurmountable problem.

First of all we no further have actually the veggie system. Next, the buying price of bio diesel as well as some other fuels even, has risen up to ghastly new heights. This might be all stressful even more so by the addition of the mentioned before Mercedes diesel. We acquired this once we incorrectly chose to be compromising for sometime . THAT in turn are furthermore difficult because of the fact that we really do not have a tow hitch nor the funds to acquire one.

The drama of it all ..)! Not just will we not have enough funds to invest in a tow hitch, but we do not are able to afford to-drive both vehicles right up north in which we are able to earn some cash functioning a number of projects.

After a few times of stress and dilemma we seated all the way down and think products through quite. We thought of attempting to sell the vehicle, this might make about 3-4000. However the car will really come in handy at several of those remote campsites we will be planning to. In addition, if we perform see a home base of kinds any time soon, the vehicle would again really be useful. After thought through all kinds of options- we kept nothing out mind you, like the increasingly attractive one (Moss’s best)of investments all cars for a wagon and six mules- we chose at least for the present time anyway, keeping the car and playground the bus at a friends residence for 14 days. We are going to then drive the car up north in which we now have some initiative operate in Arizona. After a couple of days Moss will take a greyhound down south, find the coach up and head north where Sage and I also should be wishing, most likely in resorts. When this occurs we are in breathtaking northwest region, area of a lot cost-free and inexpensive campsites. Right here we will stay for several months, perhaps lengthier taking care of products to carry towards Faerie Worlds Festival in July. It makes me personally unfortunate that individuals need leave the bus, nonetheless it will getting approximately a couple weeks.

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